Divinity in Steel

Day 1
Stuck in the Middle

The haphazard trio has run out of supplies. Needing more food and experimenting materials, they head to the local village for trade.
Business was usual. Sprout filled up on his produce, Garron and Harry found all the metals and tinkers they’d need for the next few weeks. After walking a bit, Garron noticed that the local children had all collected on a hut roof. They starred out across the hills from the edge of town and saw a noble riding party heading toward them. Although representatives from the local nobility do normally come to the valley for trade, this was not a merchant venture. This was a military regiment. They strolled casually into town. A wizard rode with the few Calvary. Jord, one of the leaders of the village, met the heroes on the edge of the village to greet the incoming party. The wizard immediately asked for Jord, who revealed himself. He inquired about a sword in his possession and if he could have a look at it. Jord agreed. Upon inspecting, the foot-soldiers outside called to arms. The village was under attack by bandits. Everyone jumped in to help. The adventurers defended a wing of the village. As they battled, they found the bandits to be highly skilled. Maybe they were going to lose. Just then, Jord’s son appeared and was charging into battle wielding his father’s sword. He surprisingly dispatched the bandits quickly, but not without being wounded himself. As the last bandit fell, so did he. He was dead before he hit the ground.
Looking around, the heroes took in the carnage that lay before them. Many were dead, including Jord. His wife appeared and begged the party to quietly take the sword away to a different kingdom. She claimed the sword is powerful and should not fall into the hands of the Duke. Concealing the sword, the party made their way back to their home. They were quick to gather supplies, but not quick enough. The Duke’s men were hot on their trail. Garron remembered long ago sealing a collapsed wall in the basement. It lead under the mountain just east of the hut. They made haste and covered their tracks. Hopefully the goblin would keep the soldiers off their backs for a time. Through the dark cavern they crept. Many dark creatures populated this place. Darkmantles, rats, and troglodytes all provided a challenge. Eventually they made it through. Light still shown so they continued on hoping to find a road. Dark fell and they made camp.
About an hour later, they were met by two humans. One old and kind, the other, young and quiet. They wanted to share a fire for the night. Their names were Adalberto and Rong. They weren’t traveling anywhere in particular. They shared their fowl and spoke honestly. Sprout noticed blood on the back of Rong’s shirt. After dinner, Rong gave a node to his uncle and walked into the dark. Very suspicious behavior. Adalberto tried to talk his way around it and find slumber before boiling over. The party pressed him and he was forced to admit his nephew had been afflicted by lycanthropy. He sought a party like theirs in hopes to protect him in case Rong lost control and went searching for the old man in beast form. Had they told the truth, he feared being cast out and surly would be slaughtered by his own kin. Rong was convinced he could control it. The heroes set a trap for Rong’s return. Rong came back as planned and was caught off guard by the party’s prepared tactics. Tripping over rope and being bludgeoned by Spout was enough to knock him out and subdue him. The old man was grateful and was glad the men would accompany him to Sir Andrew’s land.

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